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"Hopeless Romantic"

"Hopeless Romantic"


120cm x 100cm

Digital photography, Acrylics, inks, collage on canvas.

Book: Historia de un Corazon, Emilio Castelar, 1874.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity


"Hopeless Romantic" was showcased at Natalie del Nox's solo show titled "Unbound", in the beautiful gardens of galeria Colectika in the Puerto Vallarta Art District in March 2024.

The collection "Unbound" draws its inspiration from vintage books discovered in bazaars across Puebla, CDMX, and Guadalajara, Mexico. Being drawn into antique stores is irresistible for me, and at times, certain old literary treasures summon a deeper connection, compelling me to breathe new life into them. Each artwork in this series is woven from the narratives snug within these volumes.


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