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Life is constantly in the process of balancing itself, whether in nature or art. Using mixed media, my artistic process is a dance between extremes: perfection and imperfection, light and dark, control and letting go. Playing with opposing elements births the insight and beauty in my art—a reminder to embrace life’s complexity.


            I start a piece by photographing a model and digitally treating the image. On my canvas, I begin with layers of watered-down acrylic paint on metallic sheets applied to a black gessoed canvas or a pure white background. As the acrylic dries, it chooses its own shape, creating a push-and-pull relationship between what I can and can’t control. I then transfer the image, moving from the precision of digital photography to the spontaneity of changing mediums. Layers of acrylic paint, spray paint, water-based oil pastel, soft pastel, and fusain merge to create the final piece, just like the many layers in a personality.



            Art is a journey into the self and a process of uncovering. As I create, I delve into the depths of myself to find something within me that’s reflected back on my canvas. Using figurative-abstract portraits, I offer both women and men a different window for seeing into the female experience and its multiple sides: the goddess, the mother, and the dreamer. In my work, I reach stillness and the expansiveness of self that helps me find unity between conveying my personal experience and the universal human experience.

The Artist

The tension between the beauty and mystery contained within each person is centered in the mixed-media work of artist Natalie Del Nox. Born in Fountain Valley, California, Del Nox has pursued and exhibited her artistic visions across multiple countries, from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico. Growing up in Quebec City and Montreal, Del Nox first carved out a creative life as a tattoo artist with her private studio. The limits of tattooing led Del Nox to seek more artistic freedom, culminating in her role as the designer, painter, and creative director behind Fn Vegas Art.


               With ten years as a mixed-media artist, Del Nox now directs her creative energy into uncovering feminine power and the intersection between divinity, beauty, and sensuality. Just as her portraiture blends figurative and abstract elements to create a style all her own, Del Nox’s adventures into different creative worlds coincide in her multi-dimensional work. She draws upon her connections to disparate cultures and subcultures, from her recurring participation at Burning Man to her artist residency in rural India and her years of modeling and directing in underground subcultures.


               Del Nox has collaborated with internationally esteemed artist Mercan Dede, showcasing her work alongside renowned artists H.R. Giger and Alex Grey. Having been featured in various magazines throughout the years and winning the Audience Choice Award from Festival Mtl en Arts three times in 5 years, Del Nox continues digging to new creative depths with her ever-evolving art.


Natalie Del Nox lives and works in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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​2013 - "Monstra" Decover magazine

2014 - 106U Magazine

2014 -  Revue Clair Obscur - October issue.

2015 - JYNXD - Artist Spotlight - Issue 8

2015 -  "Pillars .III. The Ebon Kteis" Anathema Publishing.

2015 -  Von Gutenberg magazine - Issue 9

2016 - "Pillars - Perichoresis" Anathema Publishing


2015 - Audience Choice Award  @Alt Art & Design 

2015 - Audience Choice Award  @Festival Mtl en Arts

2017 - Audience Choice Award  @Festival Mtl en Arts

2019 - Audience Choice Award  @Festival Mtl en Arts

Artist Collective

The Shadowood Collective

Canadian Society for Arts of Imagination

Canadian Alternative Arts Collective


2016 - Residential Experience of Cultural Secrets in

          Mayurbhanj, India.

Selected Shows


2024 - "(Un)Bound" @ Colectika, Puerto Vallarta, MX

2019 - "Mystic Mother" @ Galerie 1040, Montreal, CAN

2014 - "Noir" Jewelry collection Launch @Atl Design, CAN

2013 - "Tarot de Berlin Noir" @Morbido, Patzcuaro, MX


2014 - "Expo Duo Melany Fay" @ Espace Creatif, Montreal

2014 - "Nocturne" @Alt Art & Design, Montreal, CAN

judged GROUP sh0ws

2024 - "Bohemia Nocturna" @ private space, Puerto Vallarta, MX

2022 - "Las formas del color" @ Galeria Uno, Puerto Vallarta,MX

2018 - "Shadowood Collective"@ Arts Project, London,CAN

2017 - "Visionary Alchemy" @ One Art Space, NYC

2016 - "Totem" @ Galerie Abyss, Montreal, CAN

2016 - "Starman"@ Bluxome Galerie, San Francisco, USA

2015 - "Super Sci-Fi" @ SWG, Toronto, CAN

2015 - "Festival Mtl en Arts" Montreal, CAN

2015 - "Fringe"@ Fringe Gallery, Montreal, CAN

2015 - "Animal" @ Alt Arts & Design, Montreal, CAN

2015 - "Murs Insolites" @ Murs Insolites, Quebec city, CAN

2014 - "Hallows Eve"@ C-A-A-C, Toronto, CAN

2014 - "Chimera" @ Back to the Fushia, London, CAN

2014 - "Migration" @ Usine 106U, Montreal, CAN

2013 - "Monstra" @ Decover Magazine, Montreal, CAN

2013 - "Festival d'Arts Erotique de Mtl", Montreal, CAN

2012 - "Super Naughty Show" @ SWG, Toronto, CAN

2011 - "Million Dollar Monster Show" @ SWG,Toronto,CAN

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