Natalie del Nox works in mixed techniques.

Most of her paintings begin with photography and digital work. The image is then transferred on a base of gold or copper leaf directly applied to a black gessoed canvas. In certain pieces, details of silk paper are added prior to the transfer, a delicate material that adds a layer of color without blocking the shine of the metal sheet. Black opaque paint is then applied to reveal the image as a form of gold and copper emerging from darkness.

The process contains a play of opposites – creating a perfect image and then submitting it to the unforgiving technique of image transfer and pushing through with creating high contrasts with matte black and bright iridescence.

Del Nox’s sculptures in assemblage are a further exploration of the themes and images of her canvases rendered into three dimensions. These emergent forms relate to their environment in exciting new ways, bringing their own unique meanings to these pieces.

''Take a deep breath. Hold it. Be still and calm, fully present. Notice the sound, the air on your skin, the life buzzing around you. This is the feeling I try to convey in my art. That stillness in time, that deep centered knowing... that moment of mindfulness.''



Born in Fountain Valley, California,

Natalie del Nox spent most of her youth

in Quebec City and Montreal, Canada

where she emerged as a tattoo artist, a musician, performance artist and designer.

She has been known as Freakynat,

singer in the band Freakency,

and as Fn Vegas, designer, painter

and creative mind behind Fn Vegas Art.

Now in her third incarnation as Natalie del Nox,

she devotes her energies as a visual artist

to working and living in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

An artist residency in the furthest reaches of rural India and recurring excursions to

the Burning Man festival in Nevada

have broadened her interests into

an exploration of visionary themes,

which brought her work to be showcased alongside that of Alex Grey and H.R. Giger.

del Nox has also collaborated with world renowned Turkish multimedia artist Mercan Dede.

​Her art has been exhibited and showcased in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

The Artist



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​2013 - "Monstra" Decover magazine

2014 - 106U Magazine

2014 -  Revue Clair Obscur - October issue.

2015 - JYNXD - Artist Spotlight - Issue 8

2015 -  "Pillars .III. The Ebon Kteis" Anathema Publishing.

2015 -  Von Gutenberg magazine - Issue 9

2016 - "Pillars - Perichoresis" Anathema Publishing


2015 - Audience Choice Award  @Alt Art & Design 

2015 - Audience Choice Award  @Festival Mtl en Arts

2017 - Audience Choice Award  @Festival Mtl en Arts

2019 - Audience Choice Award  @Festival Mtl en Arts

Artist Collective

The Shadowood Collective

Canadian Society for Arts of Imagination

Canadian Alternative Arts Collective


2016 - Residential Experience of Cultural Secrets in

Mayurbhanj, India.

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Selected Shows


2019 - "Mystic Mother" @ Galerie 1040, Montreal, CAN

2014 - "Noir" Jewelry collection Launch @Atl Design, CAN

2013 - "Tarot de Berlin Noir" @Morbido, Patzcuaro, MX


2014 - "Expo Duo Melany Fay" @ Espace Creatif, Montreal

2014 - "Nocturne" @Alt Art & Design, Montreal, CAN


2018 - "Shadowood Collective"@ Arts Project, London,CA

2017 - "Visionary Alchemy" @ One Art Space, NYC

2016 - "Totem" @ Galerie Abyss, Montreal, CAN

2016 - "Starman"@ Bluxome Galerie, San Francisco, USA

2015 - "Super Sci-Fi" @ SWG, Toronto, CAN

2015 - "Festival Mtl en Arts" Montreal, CAN

2015 - "Fringe"@ Fringe Gallery, Montreal, CAN

2015 - "Animal" @ Alt Arts & Design, Montreal, CAN

2015 - "Murs Insolites" @ Murs Insolites, Quebec city, CAN

2014 - "Hallows Eve"@ C-A-A-C, Toronto, CAN

2014 - "Chimera" @ Back to the Fushia, London, CAN

2014 - "Migration" @ Usine 106U, Montreal, CAN

2013 - "Monstra" @ Decover Magazine, Montreal, CAN

2013 - "Festival d'Arts Erotique de Mtl", Montreal, CAN

2012 - "Super Naughty Show" @ SWG, Toronto, CAN

2011 - "Million Dollar Monster Show" @ SWG,Toronto,CAN