''Inspiration is a strange phenomenon. Once it strikes, I like to give it space and watch it grow until it forms a clear path that leads to a feeling I can share visually."

Natalie del Nox works in mixed techniques.

Most of her paintings begin with photography and digital work. The image is then transferred on a base of gold or copper leaf directly applied to a black gessoed canvas. In certain pieces, details of silk paper are added prior to the transfer, a delicate material that adds a layer of color without blocking the shine of the metal sheet. Black opaque paint is then applied to reveal the image as a form of gold and copper emerging from darkness.

The process contains a play of opposites – creating a perfect image and then submitting it to the unforgiving technique of image transfer and pushing through with creating high contrasts with matte black and bright iridescence.

Del Nox’s sculptures in assemblage are a further exploration of the themes and images of her canvases rendered into three dimensions. These emergent forms relate to their environment in exciting new ways, bringing their own unique meanings to these pieces.


 Her work also contains elements from nature such as dried flowers, leaf skeletons, and seed glass beads. These items are treated with the utmost respect., creating a form of ritual with the application and disposition.

The dried flowers are carefully picked in reverence to their beauty. The leaves skeletons are from Bodhi trees (the sacred fig tree where Buddha is known to have attained enlightenment) or from a Banyan tree (the leaves are said to be the resting place for the god Krishna). The glass beads are applied one by one, a long, repetitive work as a mantra, a meditation.

Other unnatural items such as mirrors, faux leather, synthetic hair and lace are sometimes used in her sculptures but each one always has deep symbolism behind them.