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New Years Eve
Party Info


You've made the cut! You are invited to our New Year's Eve party!

Here is some last-minute information.

Lots of words, I know! Believe me, it takes longer to write than to read... You can do it!

Please share this page with all your +'s so we can skip that part in person *dance move


The gathering starts at 8 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be opening the door after 11:45

We want to enjoy the last minutes of 2022.

Around 1 am we head downtown to celebrate with the rest of the world...


Read carefully, everybody gets lost!

Take a cab to 328 Argentina (this address leads to the top of the street BEFORE THE RIGHT TURN)

On the left side, take the staircase named "Ecuador"

131 steps, child, be prepared!

At the TOP of the stairs, I will put welcoming balloons.

Send a WhatsApp to Eric, our Party Boy: +52 322 239 1807

He will come open the door and welcome you.

PLEASE NOTE: I will not answer my messages, your contact is our Party boy

What to bring?

Finger food to share (you can leave your plates after the party and recuperate them later)

Bottle of bubbly for midnight (duh!)

A 100-150 pesos donation per person for Dj Chino and speakers 

(It's a big night he took off to be with us...)

Jacket because it gets chilly on the mountain.

This is a BYOD's (drinks, drugs, and all the D's you can think of)

Dress to Impress!

We are about to take 2023 by the balls and you should look like you own this bitch!

The theme is black and gold. Shoes are allowed inside!

Want to bring something more?

Ice is always welcome and the hosts will be accepting gifts

in the form of psychedelics and uppers.

Please note that smoking CIGARETTES is only allowed outside by the bedroom.

Pot is allowed anywhere OUTSIDE.

Please don't hang out in the entrance staircase, I didn't invite most of my neighbors so...

You made it!

Let's Par-tay!


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