​Feminine forms of gold and copper emerge from the darkness in this tribute to women and the latent divinity that blooms through the miracle of creation.

Following an extended visit to the little-known reaches of Mayurbhanj, India, Vegas returned to her Montreal home marked by the unspoken strength and grace of the women of the region, whose eyes held a potency sealed in silence.

Inspiration presented itself in the unification of opposites; the feminine form adopting masculine emblems, as the sacred symbols of Pagan and Hindu traditions sprouted from a common earth.

Her own burgeoning pregnancy turned the experience inward, where a host of additional symbols emerged: hands in postures of sacred stillness; eyes opening to the miracle of awareness, the life-giving power of the yoni.

Enter a temple of feminine forces where darkness gives birth to light, a multi-piece vision of East and West fused through the I of motherhood and told through the humble tools of mixed media painting and assemblage sculpture.