Call for Models

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New world; new work

This new series, yet to be named, was inspired after a short bout of depression at the end of 2020. It is a representation of the chemical imbalances that happen in our brains when we are facing depression, anxiety, gaslighting, or any feelings that make us feel crazy in an already imperfect world. On a more personal level, it is an opportunity for me to explore colors, textures and abstraction.

My work always featured women, a constant auto-portrait of my own experience. I have worked with very old images, royalty-free pictures, and photos I took of my friends back at my old studio in Montreal. The pandemic has changed the way we interact with each other and modeling is no exception. For this project, I want to explore the concept of directing models to take selfies. The directing part serves mostly to ensure a quality image and a certain unity in the development of this new series. 

How to take the perfect picture set


You didn't land on this page by chance, I personally sent you a link which means I really want to use your beautiful face in my art. In order to do so, I need good-quality pictures following a basic guideline so we don't waste our time having to re-do the pictures. No need for expensive equipment though, the picture showed here was taken with a recent laptop camera in daylight. Follow this simple guide for the perfect set.

  1. Light & Shadow: The single most important factor to a good picture is the light. In this case, it is absolutely necessary to use DAYLIGHT with minimal shadows. You can achieve this by taking the picture outside in a shady area or facing a window. The more light the better with the light source facing you directly. NO DIRECT SUNLIGHT

  2. Camera: Front-facing camera of a phone is great (someone else will need to take the pictures), a recent laptop with a good camera resolution, a regular camera too. I am looking for well-defined lip details. 

  3. Skin and Face: I am looking for a natural look but you can wear make-up to ensure your skin is as flawless as possible and not shiny. A little lip gloss, balm or simply licking your lips will help define the lips. No need for eye make-up.

  4. Hair must be pulled back with ears showing.

  5. No jewelry as much as possible. 

  6. Position: The camera should be positioned straight in front of you, your head held up high and your neck elongated. This really adds to the feeling I want to portray in this series.

  7. Bare shoulders 

  8. Dark Background or unified palette. Against a wall works great, just make sure it doesn't look like a colorful bazaar behind you.

The poses I am looking for:

  • Looking straight with resting closed mouth

  • Looking straight with resting open mouth

  • Looking straight with resting open mouth and slight gap between teeth

  • slight variations with lowered chin

  • slight variations with higher chin

  • slight variations looking left and right

When you are taking the pictures, think:

I AM STRONG, I AM PROUD, I AM ME. You are modern time warrior and a queen all at once. A goddess on your own terms.

This is my friend Laurence who provided me with THE PERFECT picture set. She sent me over 50 clear pictures with slight variations. She did not edit or choose, she sent the bulk and I will probably end up using most of them. 

set example.jpg

The more the better, in fact, I invite you to take more portraits than what the guidelines require. Take sexy, silly, serious shots too. As the series evolve, I will be referring to my bank of pictures to develop the extension of this collection.

How to transfer the pictures

Whether you have only a few pictures or an extensive set we don't want to lose any of the quality during the transfer process. here are 3 methods to get share the pictures, my address is

  1. We Transfer: Send me all files using We Transfer.

  2. Google Photos: Create a shared album 

  3. Dropbox: send me the link to your folder

When I receive your link, I will send you in return a model release to sign and return me.

Why a model release? We will barely see my face! Some of my art was recently picked up by a famous Warner Brother/Netflix series and I had to track down all my models to get their permission. While there was absolutely no problem getting their approval, I want to avoid the trouble next time and be prepared.

In exchange for your precious collaboration

If one of your picture is used for canvas painting larger than 12"x12"

  • I will offer you a print of the final piece (no larger than the original)

  • You will be a guest of honor at the Art show opening where the piece is presented.

For all other smaller pieces, you will always receive a picture of the final result.

Either way, you will have the choice to remain anonymous or to be tagged on my Instagram @nataliedelNox

I will always send you a picture of the final work.

If you have questions or need assistance with any of the steps do not hesitate to email me at this guideline is simply meant to address most of the questions you could have.

Thank you for your interest in my work and I look forward to collaborating with you

Natalie del Nox